Rough Kota stone

Rough Kota Stone is a naturally available, fine-grained variety of limestone originated from Kota, Rajasthan. Its alluring natural look, durability and low cost makes it the most extensively usedmaterialin both the interiors and exteriors of houses and commercial areas. Kota is well known for its shiny appearance andcharming colours, and ages beautifully over time. It is available in different shapes and sizes and can easily blend with any home decor. In fact, the material is quite an asset in the construction industry in terms of its unique characteristics it possess.

Rough kota stone

Natutral rough kota stone is used in water proofing of basement,kota stone rough can be used both in exteriors and interiors, and available in the shade of yellow, green and naturalKota Stone are used in the corners of the spaces like dairy industries, pharmaceutical, food industry where hygiene requirements are high and strict. The corners of these places are ignored spots where dust gathers easily.

Natural kota stone

rough kota stone

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