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Kota stone is type of a stone just like Marble and Granite.Kota is basically a district of Rajasthan,India.where hundreds of mines are located,town name Ramganj mandi it is known for its famous kota mines.Colour of kota stone is rich greenish-blue and brown,mostly used in industrial area,garden area, temple,lobby area,railway stations,hospitals, stair case etc.commercial building and chemical factories choose kota because it is non-slippery, non-porous, tough, durable stone and at the same time it is affordable.

kota stone                                                  kota stone

Kota is also known as Ranikota/Green kota. Every lot has color variation from grey, pink, rich greenish-blue, brown, poison green etc. In garden area rough kota is used on walking path by keeping more distance on grooving, where grass is planted for attractive look.


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