Best kota stone dealer in Ramganjmandi

Best kota stone dealer in Ramganjmandi,kota Rajasthan,we sell all type of kota stone just like rough,polished and ready to fit tiles,blue kota flooring is best choice just like Green marble,green kota is used in water froofing in basement,green kota even has a very long life comparatively to other stones. one such range of kota stone is kota stone green, Being greenish kota stone in color it gives a feel of liveliness into the sight of the viewer. green kota  has very fine finish and a promise of high level durability to the user for a best results delivered. kota stone gives best results in various flooring and cladding. the colour is mesmerizing and soothing to the eyes

Available size – 2×2,2×3,2×4,2×6, …. ( in feet)

Thickness – 20-32mm

Product id – green709

price – 12.00rs./-sq.ft.

Availabilty- in stock

S.R. Size Thickness Price
1. 11×11 25mm 8/-pcs
2. 22×11 25mm 22/-pcs.
3 22×9 25mm 13/-pcs
4. 22×10 25mm 17/-pcs.
5. 22×11 25mm 21/-pcs.
6. 21×21 25mm 52/-pcs.
7. 22×14 25mm 32/-pcs
8. 22×15 25mm 35/-pcs.
9. 22×16 25mm 45/-pcs.
11. 22×22 25mm 66/-pcs.
12. 23×23 25mm 70/-pcs.
13. 22×28 25mm 88/-pcs.
14 17×23 25mm 51/-pcs
15 22×4 20mm 8/-pcs.
16 22×5 20mm 8/-pcs.
17 2×2.5 25mm 17/-sq.ft.
18 2×3 25mm 20/-sq.ft.
19. 2×3.5 25mm 24/-sq.ft.
20 2×4 25mm 24/-sq.ft.
21 2×4.5 25mm 25/-sq.ft.
22. 2×5 25mm 29/-sq.ft.
23. 2×5.5 25mm 29/-sq.ft.
24. 2×6 25mm 30/-sq.ft.
25. 2×6.5 25mm 32/-sq.ft.
26. 2×7 25mm 34/-sq.ft.
27. 2.5×2.5 25mm 27/-sq.ft.
28. 2.5×3 25mm 30/-sq.ft.
29 2.5×3.5 25mm 35/-sq.ft.
30 2.5×4 25mm 37/-sq.ft.
31 2.5×4.5 25mm 39/-sq.ft.
32 2.5×5 25mm 45/-sq.ft.
33. 2.5×5.5 25mm 48/-sq.ft.
34. 2.5×6 25mm 54/-sq.ft.

best kota stone dealer in ramganjmandi

Best kota stone dealer in Ramganjmandi

we are best kota stone dealer in Ramganjmandi for all size and thickness of kota stone,Green kota stone is attractive flooring of kota stone,kota stone green is very hard stone it is not obser water,it is anti-skid kota stone,It is a type of stone very famous and strong and a variety of kota stone. Kota Stone green is mainly used as the building stone in the construction of pathways, corridors, balconies, footpaths and also used as many other purposes like even in flooring. After polishing this stone it gives glittering shine and smoothness to the stone after cutting into appropriate pieces and thickness. It is even popular for its low price and charming colors available in the market. eyes as well.





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